What is Gallup's Employee Engagement Index and what does it measure?

Gallup's Employee Engagement Index is based on worker responses to 12 actionable workplace elements with proven linkages to performance outcomes, including productivity, customer service, quality, retention, safety, and profit. The index provides high-level insights into the workplace by displaying the percentage of engaged, not engaged, and actively disengaged employees overall.*

  • Engaged employees are involved in and enthusiastic about their work.
  • Those who are not engaged may be satisfied but are not emotionally connected to their workplaces and are less likely to put in discretionary effort.
  • The Actively Disengaged are emotionally disconnected from their work and workplace and jeopardize their teams' performance.

* Percent Engaged available when N ≥ 30. All categories available when N ≥ 100.

Example: Company X just finished its Q12 survey. 30% of Company X employees are engaged, 52% are not engaged, and 18% are actively disengaged. So the ratio of engaged to actively disengaged employees is 1.67 to 1.