Kit Overview

Managers have the greatest impact on employees’ engagement. Gallup has taught managers around the world the most effective ways to manage for engagement.

We’ve packaged our latest resources and tools into the Leading High-Performance Teams Kit: a vital resource for managers who want to improve the productivity, development, and performance of the people they lead.

The Leading High-Performance Teams Kit teaches managers how to focus on engagement to improve performance by leading with their strengths. The kit helps managers:

  • Examine elements critical to building employee engagement & understand the impact these elements have on performance
  • Learn strategies to gain insights and build trust on teams
  • Lead powerful conversations with employees and teams to help them appreciate their talents, buy into expectations, and achieve success
Gallup's Jeremy Pietrocini takes you on a tour of Gallup's Leading High-Performance Teams Kit (formerly Managing for Engagement Kit)

What Is Included

Check out each of these guides and resources. They will help you lead with your strengths, engage your employees, & improve the performance of your team.

Introduction to Strengths-Based Management

Gain a basic understanding of the powerful strengths-based approach to personal improvement and discover better ways to help your employees grow and develop.

Introduction to Employee Engagement

Learn the power behind the 12 elements that comprise Gallup’s Q12 survey, including how they help build trust and lead to high-performance thinking and actions as a manager.

Leading High-Performance Teams Resource Guide

Learn how to complement your strengths with the 12 elements of engagement to build trust among your employees. Accelerate your team’s engagement through both discovery and actions.

Engaging Conversations for Individuals and Teams

Keep employee engagement conversations alive. Go step-by-step through the most important conversations and prepare for, lead, and take immediate action with the insights you gain.

Engaging Conversations Packet

Capture your engaging conversations with booklets that support each of your conversations with individuals and a set of dashboard tools to support your overall team conversations.

Understanding your Q12 Survey Results

An overview of how to read and understand your Gallup Q12 survey results. Topics include how to analyze your report, common data patterns, and best practices to improve engagement.

Team Engagement Posters

Create excitement about your employee engagement initiatives and increase participation with your Q12 survey. Ideal for hallways, break rooms, or other highly visible areas.

Leading High-Performance Teams USB

Access electronic copies of the following kit resources:

  • Engaging Conversations Packet tool
  • Understanding Your Gallup Q12 Survey Results
  • Team Engagement Posters