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Measure the 12 elements of an engaged workplace

What is the Gallup Q12 Employee Engagement Survey?

Gallup’s Q12 survey is the most effective measure of employee engagement. The Q12 survey accurately measures the 12 elements of employee engagement proven to have the most impact on outcomes such as employee retention, productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability.

As you know from reading First, Break All the Rules, employee engagement starts with the manager. Since the 1990s, Gallup has equipped organizations with the Q12 survey and other solutions that empower managers to improve employee engagement and performance.

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What Do I Get With My Code?

By redeeming your Q12 code from First, Break All the Rules, you can:

  • set up and conduct a Q12 survey for up to 10 employees at no cost
  • have access to easy online survey setup
  • include group-level reporting
  • interact with a custom user dashboard that features real-time survey participation rates, reports and other valuable resources

Whether you want to try the Q12 survey with a small team or with a larger group, simply redeem your code and follow the instructions at

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